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An Electric Mobility Revolution: Introducing Vaionic and Our Team

Necessity, the mother of all invention, drives us past the status quo. And rarely has necessity been so strongly felt as in the need for efficient mobility systems, the cornerstone of both society and the economy. The best minds are actively working on technological progress that’s bringing about a tangible shift in the way we move.

This is what we do at Vaionic.

A solution to the ecological conundrum

Our near-complete dependence on fossil fuel transportation has had a significant impact on our environment. About 20 percent of the world's carbon dioxide emissions stem from means of transport that involve the burning of fuel and natural gas. This is a major contributing factor to global warming and climate change.

Controlling carbon emissions, regulating air pollution indices, and curbing health hazards are all imperative, right now.

As we approach a point of no return in terms of depleting fossil fuel reserves, we’re compelled to move towards ecologically sensible alternatives. Engines that run on fuel today will give way to electric drive systems, powering far more efficient vehicles.

At Vaionic, our constant endeavor is to continuously pave the path for the electrification of mobility. To this end, we are refining and developing exciting technologies to realize our collective venture of bringing about a diverse, inclusive, and ground-breaking Drivetrain Revolution. This is a revolution that will empower electric mobility, accelerate the electronic transformation of transport, and foster ideas and intelligent technology towards Terra Verde – a greener earth.

Accelerating the Evolution of Mobility

The mobility sector is rife with problems that need fresh approaches and alternatives. To address challenges, abandoning the familiar is key.

Vaionic was founded in Berlin, Germany at the end of 2017. We have grown into a team of 50 ingenious, enterprising, and like-minded people, who are passionately aligned to work towards a singular vision of developing high-performance solutions to bring sustainability in mobility and transportation. Headquartered in Berlin, our growing team comprises leading experts in electromagnetic simulation, thermodynamics, applied material science and electronics.

Through remarkable flexibility, commitment, and our fervent conviction to move forward, Vaionic has successfully developed an extremely advanced electric drive system.

Innovative Electric Drive System

From our perspective, the global electrification of mobility isn’t happening fast enough.

Thus, our mission is to “Accelerate electric mobility, providing the most efficient electric drivetrain systems.”

At present, the so called modular skateboard architecture (which includes the electric drivetrain concluding the e-motors, gearboxes, electronics, and battery systems) is not modular at all – especially not when it comes to the e-motors.

Currently, a variation of a vehicle’s power output requires a combination of different e-motors of different sizes and different topologies. This leads to different vehicle models being either overpowered or underpowered for specific use cases. Moreover, each of those motors require individual R&D processes, qualifications and production facilities. This approach is fundamentally uneconomical, environmentally unsustainable, time-consuming and considerably far from being modular or efficient.

We have envisioned and subsequently developed a modular drivetrain system that allows for comprehensive versatility in terms of power output, scalability, and compactness. Which, by definition, is truly efficient.

It’s a good idea here to take a moment and understand the definition of “efficient.” According to the Collin’s Dictionary, “efficient” means "producing a desired effect, product, etc. with a minimum of effort, expense, or waste.“

Modular Axial Flux Motor

Developing a highly efficient electric drive system including the power electronics, based on an axial flux motor design is a key milestone for our team.

The concept behind our modular axial flux e-motor is a stackable electric motor design. Modularity is key to our electromobility approach, as it enables maximum applicability to unlock use cases across the greatly fragmented mobility sector.

Summarized, our patented motor has a modular design that allows for variable power output modification. It’s a high efficiency unit, relatively lightweight, and volumetrically efficient.

Environmentally Friendly

In comparison to current machines, our motor design produces a power-to-magnet-mass ratio that is four times greater. Yet, this design is up to 93% more compact while providing the same power output compared to conventional e-motors. Besides the modular design, the compactness of our system is a great plus for the duty vehicle industry in particular, where size, weight, and efficiency are key concerns.

The unit is designed and built to be environmentally friendly. It uses up to 90 percent less copper per continuous power output. Moreover, rare-earth material utilized in its production can be reused.

Economically viable

Given Vaionic’s modular motor superstructure, different power outputs do not require additional efforts in R&D, costs for qualification, or further investments in production lines. In line with the motto: “One for all, and all for one”, the underlying modular approach enables full flexibility at minimal costs.

Driving towards a sustainable future

Vaionic aims at transforming mobility through innovative electric drive systems built for the future with efficiency in mind.

The motor vehicle and engine industries are heavily regulated sectors. Change tends to come slowly. However, between climate change and an unstable geopolitical scenario, we will need to push past the fossil fuel paradigm sooner, not later.

Our team is committed to setting new standards in next-generation electric drive systems that support sustainable and efficient mobility around the world. We’re working towards building a better future, one scalable module at a time.


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