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Introducing Vaionic

Born with the idea of combining efficiency with flexibility to create new opportunities in the field of electric drive systems, Vaionic has become a home of technology and innovation in Berlin. Over the past four years, this idea has been the driving force for how far we have come on the road of inventing an innovative technology. We have grown into a team of over 50 like-minded companions with a maximum degree of dedication, creating a technology that offers a whole new approach to electric drive systems. Using our know-how and our urge for progress, we are committed to develop solutions for mobility that will ease the way into electrification of mobility.

Moving forward. Empowering electric mobility.


Our technology offers new possibilities that have been considered impossible - preparing the way to sustainable mobility. 

We are creating high-performance solutions
that can redesign the world
of electric mobility. 

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Vaionic Technologies GmbH

James-Franck-Str. 17

12489 Berlin

+49 (0) 30 6392 1081

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