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Passenger Cars | Commercial Vehicles | Auxiliary Power Units

At Vaionic we are specializing in the design and development of eDrive systems based on our unique axial flux motor technology with unmatched efficiency and power. What makes our electric drive technology stand out is the ironless stator design of the motor. This brings numerous advantages like the lightweight design, reduced stator losses and lower CO2 footprint due to the absence of electrical steel, and recyclability. The design offers great benefits for any application, where size, weight, efficiency and costs are key concerns.

Market Opportunities

We are currently focused on E-Mobility, although our vision goes beyond that. This allows us to keep innovating and bring new solutions to the market.


4WD & A-segment

Passenger Cars


Up to 26% reduced e-drive losses (@WLTP)


Constant acceleration to the top speed


Best in class power density


As a primary or secondary drive

Excellent efficiency on the highway

Modular design for every power class

Easy integration in the powertrain


Auxiliary Power Units

Lightweight design

Compact architecture

Optimized usage of active-materials

Demo Car

VW e-Crafter powered by Vaionic

The first test vehicle of Vaionic happened to be the light commercial vehicle for a good reason. With this vehicle we want to show how versatile Vaionic eDrive system is.

Vaionic eDrive - Demo Car.jpg

Contact us

Vaionic Technologies GmbH

James-Franck-Str. 17

12489 Berlin

+49 (0) 30 6392 1081

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