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Vaionic Board Member: Marc Llistosella

Marc Llistosella, an expert of the mobility industry for quite some time, joined Vaionic as a Member of the Board in November 2021. His immense experience as well as deep industry insights in this field will surely help as we set about disrupting the global e-mobility status quo.

Worldwide Experience in the mobility industry

After completing his Master of Economics and Master of Marketing/Sales from the prestigious University of Cologne, Marc started his stellar career at mobility giant Mercedes–Benz AG. After four years, he joined another pathbreaker – DaimlerChrysler AG – in 1999. He went on to become the Head of Strategic Planning and Asian Cooperation Projects and gained in-depth knowledge of the Asian CV landscape through cooperation with renowned players like Hyundai, Fuso, and Foton.

In 2004, Marc joined Daimler AG where he utilized his insights and experience to not only lead efficiency projects to reduce risks, but also explore global markets for Daimler trucks. This experience helped him as he set about to chart a strategy for introducing Daimler trucks in the Indian market. Shifting to Daimler Trucks Asia, Marc headed Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. as Managing Director & CEO. He built a complete greenfield organization and business unit and launched the brand “Bharat Benz” which quickly rose to the fourth position in the Indian truck market within a span of just 20 months. He was then appointed President and CEO of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC). During this stint, he helped with the repositioning of the Fuso brand, making it one of the leaders in electrifying commercial vehicles/transportation and reaching the second-highest profitability in the Daimler Truck Group.

As a leader in the transportation industry, Marc is a much sought-after public speaker who is often seen delivering keynote addresses at global events that are attended by the who’s-who of the industry. He is also an angel investor supporting small ventures that seek to bring about sustainable change in the way we move people and goods around the world.

Since April 2019, Marc became a member of the board at Einride, an e-mobility company that is developing solutions for digital, electric, and autonomous movement of goods and enabling unprecedented efficiency. He joined Vaionic in 2021 and has been a board member since more than a year. Starting January 2023 with a new chapter, Marc will become the new Chief Executive Officer at Knorr Bremse AG.

Longtime support for the shift towards electrifying mobility

Marc is a great believer in the power of transformation brought about by changing global scenarios fueled by our need for sustainability or other economic factors. He is a self-proclaimed evangelist of the electric mobility paradigm as the economic driver of the future. While at Daimler Trucks Asia, he led the development teams to design and develop the e-FUSO, a remarkable e-mobility goods carrier.

In his own words, Marc succinctly summarized that “…with any kind of change, there will initially be resistance from those who have declared themselves “guardians of the old order”, those who would rather dwell on their past achievements and maintain the status quo for their own convenience” and with the future facing them, it remains to be seen “how we choose to face the future, … and fulfill our role in society.”

Vaionic is extremely happy and proud to have such a luminary – a technologist and futurist – on the board to guide us with his experience – close to three shining decades – expertise and insights as we take the next steps in the journey of electrification of human mobility to achieve environmental and economic sustainability.


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